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Blogs and vlogs of Messianic Jews and other Torah-observant believers in Yeshua.

Blogs and video channels of Messianic Jews and other Torah-observant believers in Yeshua. If I could easily find an RSS feed for the site, the latest item will be listed in the right-hand column.

Your mileage may vary, and I have no interest in policing the orthodoxy of everyone on this list.

119 Ministries Blog After God’s own heart… No RSS feed.
Adat Shalom Messianic Congregation Blog Bringing the Good News of the Messiah to the Jewish Remnant No RSS feed.
American Torah Blog Fear God and keep His commandments for a stronger America
Arthur Bailey Ministries Blog Arthur Bailey Ministries No RSS feed.
Ashrei Blog Theological commentary focused on Torah & Yeshua.
The Barking Fox Blog Examining Scripture from a Hebraic perspective.
Beit Yashua Multiple Messianic Congregation in Dallas-FW
Brief Hebrew Meditations Blog Hebraic insights from Scripture No RSS feed.
City of David Messianic Synagogue Podcast Rabbi Jeffrey Forman No RSS feed.
Come Out of Her My People Blog It’s time to choose Whom we will serve.
Conceptually Hebrew Blog Digging into the New Testament
The Congregation of Yahweh Multiple News No RSS feed.
The Crimson Thread Vlog Short Bible teachings from a Torah observant Messianic community.
Divine Reversal Blog theological and ethical insights from Russ Resnik
Grafted In Multiple The Harvest blog & podcasts No RSS feed.
The Hebrew Nerd Blog Derek Leman: Become a Hebrew nerd yourself!
  • Proverbs 10:1-6
Hoshana Rabbah Blog Blog Midrash with Natan Lawrence.
In His Hand Blog Kehilat Ha Derech Congregation
Interfaithfulness Blog Stuart Dauermann
A Jewish Thought Blog A Messianic Blog No RSS feed.
Kehilat Melech Yisrael Vlog A Messianic synagogue in Toronto, Ontario.
Kineti L’Tziyon Blog Judah Gabriel Himango No RSS feed.
Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology Blog Richard Harvey: A nice Jewish boy following Yeshua
Matsati.com Blog Upholding the Torah for the Glory of God.
Messianic Apologetics Blog J.K. McKee
Messianic Jewish Teachings Podcast David Levine of Beth Messiah
Messianic Sabbath Blog A daily break in your day to celebrate our salvation in Yeshua (Jesus) and our abundant life through the Torah.
The Messianic Way Blog In all things, Messiah is everything!
Messianic Women Blog Encouraging women to honor God with their lives. No RSS feed.
MessianicPodcast.com Podcast Beth Messiah, Sarasota, FL
Ministers of the New Covenant Podcast Sermons & radio broadcasts from MNC Fellowship in Georgia
Monte Judah Blog Hebrew roots, Hebraic roots, & Messianic faith
  • Commandments of the Sabbath
Morning Meditations Blog Struggles with faith and a unique role as a Messianic Gentile.
Musings by Marty Blog Pondering politics and religion
New2Torah Blog Saved by Grace through Faith while running from Lawlessness
  • World goddess Chart
One Faith, One People Ministries Blog Andrew Gabriel Roth
Orthodox Messianic Judaism Blog The place where Messianics can come together and discuss what’s on their heart.
Rabbi Judah Hungerman Blog Beth Messiah, Sarasota, FL
Rob & Caleb Show Vlog The Caleb Hegg Channel
Roots of Faith Blog Ancient truth for a modern world
She’ar Yashuv International Blog From the Rabbi’s Desk
Simchat Torah Beith Midrash Blog Joy of God’s Teaching and Instruction No RSS feed.
Soil from Stone Blog Torah, Bible study, politics, science fiction and fantasy, whatever else I feel like talking about.
Talmidimblogging Blog Vincent S Artale Jr.
TorahBytes Blog Biblical commentary froma Messianic perspective.
TorahResource Blog Blog Biblically Based – Honoring Yeshua – Upholding Torah
    Walkin’ 6-One-3 Blog Every moment contains a message and each message pertains to our mission.
    Watchman of Zion Blog Sounding the shofar in prophetic times
    Yeshua Matters Blog Howard Silverman
    • Chaya Sarah
    Yinon Blog Blog Rabbi Joshua Brumbach


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