Speaking of Yeshua

Blogs and vlogs of Messianic Jews and other Torah-observant believers in Yeshua.

Websites, blogs, and video channels of Messianic Jews and other Torah-observant believers in Yeshua.

Sold “As Is” only. I have focused primarily on sites providing teaching, not merely organizational information. Your mileage may vary, and I have no desire to police the orthodoxy of everyone on this list. There are many great websites and ministries not listed here.

119 MinistriesAfter God’s own heart…
Almond House FellowshipA Torah observant messianic fellowship situated in the UK, on the Wirral, Merseyside.
American TorahFear God and keep His commandments for a stronger America
Arthur Bailey MinistriesArthur Bailey Ministries
The Barking FoxExamining Scripture from a Hebraic perspective.
Come Out of Her My PeopleIt’s time to choose Whom we will serve.
The Crimson ThreadThe teaching web site of Jon Behrens.
Dasyd MinistryYah’s Watchman…Yeshua’s Warrior
David WilberAuthor – Speaker – Apologist
Faith of MessiahEquipping the body of Messiah to study Scripture in the cultural context within which it was written.
First Century ChristianityWe are a Sabbath and Holy Day observing congregation in the Kansas City Metro!
First Fruits of ZionDaily laboring toward the kingdom of heaven, “a promise of what is to come.”
Freedom Hill CommunityLearning His Ways. Living His Word. Sharing His Truth.
Gates of Eden blogDaniel Botkin’s ministry blog.
GetzelMessianic rabbi Greg Hershberg
The HarvestThe Harvest is a Messianic Charismatic congregation for Jews and Gentiles.
Hebraic Family FellowshipWe strive to be a Torah Pursuant fellowship who believes in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah.
Hebraic HeritageStudy the Bible through Hebrew eyes.
Hebraic Roots NetworkStrengthen your roots.
Hebrew for ChristiansBiblical Hebrew language and Hebraic insights from Scripture.
Hebrew PerspectivesHebrew Perspectives teaches the Judaic roots of Christianity. Roy Walter Johnson
Hoshana RabbahBiblical discipleship resources from Natan Lawrence.
InterfaithfulnessBuilding bridges where history builds walls. Stuart Dauermann.
A Jewish ThoughtA Messianic Blog
Kineti L’TziyonJudah Gabriel Himango
Matsati.comGrowing to know God’s Messiah with Dr. Duane Miller.
Messiah Matters by TorahResourceDiscusses various topics relating to the Messiah Yeshua and topics that face the faith community.
Messianic ApologeticsJ.K. McKee addressing the theological and spiritual issues of the broad Messianic movement.
Messianic HourTeaching from Rabbi Scott Sekulow
Messianic Jewish TeachingsDavid Levine of Beth Messiah Messianic Synagogue.
Messianic SabbathA daily break in your day to celebrate our salvation in Yeshua (Jesus) and our abundant life through the Torah.
MessianicPodcast.comMessianic audio teachings
Ministers of the New CovenantSermons & radio broadcasts from MNC Fellowship in Georgia
Moed TorahMoed Ministries International
Morning MeditationsAn ordinary guy walking (or stumbling) along a path of faith and trying to understand my relationship with God.
Musings by MartyPondering politics and religion
New2TorahSaved by Grace through Faith while running from Lawlessness. Zachary Bauer
One Faith, One People MinistriesAndrew Gabriel Roth
Perek ShirahA Messianic Jewish perspective
Reb RezTheological and ethical insights from Russ Resnik
The Refiner’s FireRevealing Biblical Truth in a world of myth and fiction.
Remnant NationTraining the Body-Bride of Christ for the work of the ministry.
Restoration of Torah MinistriesA Hebraic Roots Teaching Ministry.
Rise on FireA ministry devoted to walking as He walked.
Ruach LifeDavid Jones of Ruach Ministries International
Seeking Messiah TogetherA growing Torah Community in Paige, Texas.
Shoreshim MinistriesReturning to our roots.
Simchat Torah Beith MidrashJoy of God’s Teaching and Instruction
Soil from StoneTorah, Bible study, politics, science fiction and fantasy, whatever else I feel like talking about.
Tony PinoVideo teachings on a wide range of spiritual topics.
Torah ClassRediscovering the Bible
Torah Made FleshAnd the word became flesh and tabernacled among us
Torah ResourceOne Torah for the Jew and Gentile.
Torah RockerWritings and studies of Torah
TorahBytesBiblical commentary from a Messianic perspective.
Truth Ignited MinistryCalling Christians to follow the whole Bible.
Unlearn the LiesThe truth will set you free.
Watchman of ZionSounding the shofar in prophetic times
WildBranch MinistryThis ministry is based upon Romans Chapter 11.
Yeshua MattersCommentary by Howard Silverman.

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