Winning the War

Jay’s Plan for Winning the “War on Terror”

  1. Forget about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. They have nothing to do with our national security. The invasion(s) was stupid, and continuing a stupid course is just adding stupid to stupid. Define a clear objective, achieve it, and bring the troops home. The End.
  2. Homeschool. Focus on faith, literacy, math, and science. Music and art are nice too, but they shouldn’t be the educational focus for most people.
  3. Stay close to home. Don’t move to the other side of the country after graduation from school, but stay close to your extended family. Strong families make a strong nation.
  4. Have babies. Lots and lots of babies. The race goes not to the swift but to the most prolific breeders. Seriously.
  5. Back off on the meds. God created the world for our use, but medications shouldn’t be for everyday use except in extraordinary circumstances. Moderation in all things. You will be smarter and healthier. Your kids will be smarter and healthier. They will be less tempted to shoot people.
  6. Men be men, and women be women. Men, cover your wives and families and teach your sons to do the same. Women, get under that cover and teach your daughters to do the same. Believe it or not, we will all be happier.
  7. Keep God’s Law. In return, he promises big families, good health, secure borders, military victory, productive land. Really, what else do we need?

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