The PATRIOT Act Expired! Didn’t It?

A Parade of Tyranny: Nazism, Islam, Obamanism, Big Brother, Communism
A Parade of Tyranny

Eh…not so fast.

You’ve probably heard that the PATRIOT Act has expired. It’s a lie. Only a few provisions of the Act expired and some of those were merely outsourced to Verizon, AT&T, et al, by the USA FREEDOM Act.

I guarantee you that there is much worse to come.

There is a very simple trick that every citizen can use to gauge whether a bill in Congress is pro- or anti-liberty: read the name. The better the name sounds, the worse it probably is.

  • PATRIOT Act – Perhaps the most anti-American, anti-liberty bill ever passed by Congress.
  • USA FREEDOM ACT – Anti-freedom to the core. Fascism at it’s finest.

When Israel clamored for a mortal king like other nations, Samuel warned them that a king would tax them, steal their children, and enslave them. Once they had a king, it was too late to change their minds. Sometimes they had a good king, but more often than not, they had a cruel tyrant. In either case, there was no way to get rid of the king until God did it for them.

God allowed Israel’s enemies to blind and enslave their king, parade him about like a carnival sideshow, and the rest of the people fared even worse. They were killed, enslaved, and scattered, and they traded one tyrant for another. Centuries later, when God gave them an opportunity to accept their rightful King, they rejected Him again. Once more Israel’s enemies destroyed the Temple, slaughtered and scattered the people.

We think we’re different, of course. We’re a “Democracy“! Unfortunately, you can’t rid yourself of a tyrant by voting, petitioning, or carrying signs. It doesn’t work that way. No nation is ever truly freed from tyranny without two things:

Bloodshed and Repentance.

I am not calling for armed overthrow of the government. Let me repeat: I AM NOT CALLING FOR A VIOLENT OVERTHROW OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

I am merely asserting its inevitability.

I suppose it is remotely possible that repentance alone (a return to God’s Law and wholehearted allegiance to Messiah Yeshua) might circumvent the need for blood, but I don’t believe that has ever happened in all of human history. Even the great Jewish revivals in scripture under Kings Hezekiah and Josiah required the deaths of large numbers of pagan priests.

For decades, each President has been more tyrannical, more anti-American than the one before. The surveillance state has been growing rapidly since the late 80s, insinuating itself into every aspect of our lives. Moral decline has accelerated with the gleeful encouragement of a multitude of federal agencies. Power has been siphoned away from the individual and the state and accumulated in a very few hands at a staggering speed, hidden only by the equally rapid expansion of more immersive entertainment and convenience-enhancing technologies.

We are slipping. Quickly. Time is running out for a peaceful return to a free America if that threshold has not already gone by.

Repent, America. Now.

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